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Tax Enquiries and Investigations

Our success in resolving all kinds of investigations, ranging from simple tax enquiries to complex investigations and voluntary disclosures, enables us to minimise the anxiety associated with HMRC tax disputes resolution.

Whether you are a a director in a limited company, run your own business or act as a Trustee/ Executor, we can help you:

  • Resolve all types of tax disputes, enquiries and disclosures


  • Resolve serious tax investigations

  • Overseas assets investigations and disclosures

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

  • Support existing professional advisers

  • Review existing tax avoidance arrangements 

Whether you seek our advice in a preventative capacity or whether you are already facing a tax investigation, we will work closely with you to resolve matters as quickly as possible.

Penalties incurred regarding undeclared income can be heavy and it advisable to make sure that your business is one step ahead of the HMRC prerequisites. That is why we offer a no obligation consultation and are available to be on retainer should you require our advice on any tax-related matters.

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