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Whether incorporated or not, and since the introduction of some fundamental changes in the most recent Charities Act, all charitable organisations above a very small size are required to prepare accounts, maintain up-to-date records and manage their affairs in much the same way as any business or enterprise.

As the accounting and regulatory burden on charities has grown, the need for independent and professional advice is more important than ever for the Trustees or Directors of charitable organisations. We can offer our charitable clients a range of services, including:


  • Independent examinations

  • Advice on accounting systems and procedural matters

  • Taxation advice, including Gift Aid

  • Advice on and provision of book-keeping and payroll services

  • Charitable subsidiaries

  • Your charity will receive constructive, knowledgeable and proactive advice, and our services will be provided at a discount as we believe in financially supporting charitable organisations

  • Charities with special needs.


  • Our offices comply with the Disability Discrimination Act, and we can arrange to meet you at locations that are most convenient.


Please contact us to discuss how we can help you, for more information or to arrange a no obligation meeting.

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