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Our primary focus has always been to deliver a high quality of service to our clients, and that is something we will never compromise on.

We are however aware of the competitive nature of the work that we do and have therefore always ensured that the cost to our clients is comparable with other professional firms around us.

In addition, we have and continue to adopt new ideas and solutions that can increase the efficiency of our internal workflows and processes, especially in the use of information technology. Savings made in efficiency gains are regularly passed-on to our clients to help maintain lower fees, year-on-year.

We consider the local community and the environment when making business decisions, so that for example all our staff live and work (wherever possible) locally to their place of work. We do have a network of freelancers that we may call on if and when needed but do not agree with the practice of off-shore business process outsourcing.

In overview, we:
  • will never compromise on the quality of service provided to our clients


  • are always competitive with other firms


  • pass-on efficiency savings to our clients


  • carry-out all our work ourselves, and do not employ off-shore business process outsourcing practices


  • always disclose full details of any 3rd party commissions we receive


  • offer generous first year discounts to start-up and very small businesses.


Fees are paid either on a % of turnover, fixed-price or ad-hoc basis, depending on the client’s circumstances.

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